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Last September, we published an issue, sponsored by Guest Editor Paul Lugard, on the EC’s Draft Guidelines for Horizontal Agreements. In December, the EC published the final version. Once again, with Paul’s help, we’ve taken a comparative look at the two, to see where concerns were addressed—and where they weren’t. The issue is first introduced by Paul, then led by one of the composers of the Guidelines, Donncadh Woods at DG Comp, and is followed by Axel Gutermuth, Mathew Heim, Lars Kjølbye, Jorge Padilla, Andreas Reindl, and Richard Taffet.

Final: EC Guidlines on Horizontal Agreements

Paul Lugard, Feb 18, 2011

The New EU Competition Rules for the Assessment of Horizontal Agreements

…the Commission has also taken the opportunity to tighten the rules in a number of important respects. (Paul Lugard, Guest Editor)

Donncadh Woods, Feb 14, 2011

The new EU Competition Rules for Co-operation Between Competitors of December 2010

These three texts update and further clarify the application of competition rules in this area so that companies can better assess whether their co-operation agreements are in line with the EU antitrust rules. (Donncadh Woods, DG Comp)

Axel Gutermuth, Feb 14, 2011

The Revised EU Competition Rules for Production and R&D Agreements Create a More Coherent Framework of Assessment and Provide Better Guidance to Companies

The revised texts significantly change the predecessor block exemption regulations and


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