February 2012 Blog o’ Blogs

February 2012, Volume 2, Number 2
Opinions in Europe were flying fast and furious this month, and we have five—including Joaquín Almunia on patents. Also in our lineup are two competition regulators from the Reagan Era who ask whether we’re being boldly led to where we shouldn’t go, Josh Wright & Charles Rule who debate Google, a reminder that antitrust is not just about products, and hard looks at Chile, whistle-blowing practices, and market relevance. And our friends at Chillin’ Competition have compiled their own antitrust solute to the Oscars—enjoy.
EC Antitrust Chief Warns Over Abuse of “Essential” Patents
“I am determined to use antitrust enforcement to prevent the misuse of patent rights to the detriment of a vigorous and accessible market.” Joaquín Almunia
Charles Arthur (Guardian)
The More Technical, the Better? Economic Evidence in Merger Assessment
Once in awhile the technical nature of economic analysis is almost praised for its own sake, not for what it can give to analysis.
Mika Oinonen (Finnish Competition Authority)
Effects Based Enforcement of Article 101 TFEU: The “Object Paradox”
An ill-defined “object category” emerges in plain sight as the great remaining loophole in the enforcement of Article 101 TFEU.
Damien Gerard (Kluwer Competition Law Blog)
Bully Beef
Sometimes competition law looks as if it’s on the side o


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