For Fair and Free Market Competition

Sep 13, 2011

For Fair and Free Market Competition

Japan Fair Trade Commission (“JFTC”) strives for proactive and comprehensive public relations in order to make our concrete activities, enforcement of policy, interpretation of the Antimonopoly Act (“AMA”), and other related laws and regulations widely known.

In this article, we introduce both our DVD for public relations and contents for children, as presented over the public relations section of our website.

1. Public Relations DVD

JFTC made the DVD for public relations titled For Fair and Free Market Competition in 2008. The purpose of this DVD is to prevent enterprises from engaging in anticompetitive conduct by comprehensively explaining to general consumers and employers the following two principles of the AMA and Subcontract Act that are under the jurisdiction of JFTC:

  • For the market to function well in a free economic environment, it is very important for enterprises to comply with AMA.
  • Compliance with the AMA assures the interest of general consumers and sound national economic development because it promotes fair and free competition and stimulates the creative initiative of enterprises.

The DVD starts with a short drama that introduces a scene portraying a dawn raid. Then, after explaining the purpose of AMA, it describes in detail the regulations of AMA and Subcontract Act, and the flow of the investigation procedure (such as the initial clues, investigation, cease and desist orders, surcharge payment


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