Global: BRICS releases report on digital economy and antitrust

The conclusion was made by experts of BRICS Antimonopoly Centre and leading international experts. A Report on new approaches to competition protection in the digital economy will be presented at the VI BRICS Competition Conference on 19 September

The Report of BRICS Antimonopoly Centre reviews the entire spectrum of antimonopoly regulation on digital markets in general and the latest BRICS experience, in particular, as well as analysis of the leading modern theories in the field of the antimonopoly law in the context of the economics of the BRICS space.  The study was conducted throughout a year by a cross-disciplinary Centre team with engagement of the leading world scholars.

According to the press release the Report is the first and so far the only efforts in the world to summarize experience of all BRICS countries in terms of transformation of antimonopoly approaches in these economies under the impact of digitalization.  The researchers exposed regulatory gaps in those jurisdictions where development of digital economy is ahead of the law and enforcement. The study also compares approaches employed by BRICS antimonopoly regulator. Moreover, it gives a critical analysis of more mature jurisdictions (the USA, the EU) and must stimulate a hard-hitting and initiative approach in digital markets regulation.

Full Content: Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation

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