Greece: Watchdog proposes press regulator

Greece’s competition enforcer has suggested the government create a new regulator to ensure transparency and fair competition for publishers distributing news and other media.

In this Opinion, the Commission is required to ensure free competition, in the light of the protection of a minimum level of pluralism and diversity of opinion, through the freedom of circulation, distribution and sale of printed publications.

Furthermore, this Opinion on the Press Distribution System in Greece must also reflect the real conditions in the market and the structure of media. The market is characterised by significant downturns due to a variety of causes, such as the economic crisis and the digital transformation of the press. It is worth noting that the basis of this debate in previous years was the fact that printed press, television, radio and the forthcoming new press markets were seen as distinct markets. 

However, in recent years the media industry has been undergoing radical changes and restructuring as a result of the adoption of new technologies, which offer new opportunities for all market players and consumers. Any market restructuring in the light of new technology should not be considered a threat to media pluralism. The principle of media pluralism should be technologically neutral, and should be applied in a similar way to reflect new media’s emerging nature. In this context, the rules of pluralism should not seek to preserve the old media structure, but rather favour the emergence of new structures and allow new technological means to coexist with traditional ones.

Full Content: Global Competition Review, EPant

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