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Twelve Stories of Antitrust: A Look Back at 2008


John Vickers, Apr 24, 2008

A Tale of Two EC Cases: IBM and Microsoft

Arguably the largest abuse of dominance case in Europe before Microsoft was the IBM case of the early 1980s. Both cases were about interoperability and bundling, and both followed litigation in the United States. Unlike Microsoft, the European IBM case was settled without a decision being taken, so the public record is thin.

Kirtikumar Mehta, Sep 30, 2008

Recent Developments in EU Anti-Cartel Enforcement

Anti-cartel enforcement has been a major priority for some time for all competition agencies. Beyond intensifying investigative actions and prosecutions, however, the primary thrust of policy and indeed the chief yardstick for evaluation of enforcement is the degree to which ongoing cartel activities in the jurisdiction are severely deterred. Fines or other sanctions through which this deterrence may be expected to dissuade cartel conduct thus assume a central role in any policy considerations.

Peter Corne, Carl Hinze, Steve Yu, Aug 11, 2008

Olympic Competition: How China’s New Antimonopoly Regime Is Shaping Up

In this article, we review the key focal points of the AML and Merger Filing Rules, offer a few criticisms and identify instances where China has deviated from antimonopoly laws in other jurisdictions, and examine challenges facing the AML’s enforcement.

Joseph Angland, Oct 01, 2008

The Justice Department’s Sectio


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