Antitrust Antipasto

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We’re serving up our summer beach reading equivalent—an antitrust antipasto feast of eight disparate articles. Some bring us up to date on topics we dove into earlier, some respond to previous articles, some highlight topical subjects, and some visit intriguing parts of the world to see what’s new. There’s something here for everyone—enjoy!

Antitrust Antipasto

David Balto, James Kovacs, Jul 24, 2015

Healthcare Merger Antitrust Review: Increased Scrutiny for Any Provider Merger

Whereas previously the focus of the Commission and other enforcement agencies has been on horizontal mergers, there is also now increasing interest in vertical combinations. David Balto & James Kovacs (Law Offices of David A. Balto)

Ananya Gaur, Jul 24, 2015

Arbitrariness in Imposition of Penalties by the Competition Commission of India: The Need for Penalty Guidelines

There does not appear to be any logical pattern in the levy of penalties by the CCI, plus these do not seem to follow the global trend of penalizing cartels heavily, and they seem arbitrary. Ananya Gaur

H. Stephen Harris, Jr., Jul 24, 2015

An Overview of the NDRC Decision in the Qualcomm Investigation

This landmark case provides much needed guidance on the approach the NDRC will take to analyzing complex issues at the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property law. H. Stephen Harris, Jr. (Winston & Strawn)

Heather Irvine, Jul 24, 2015

The Future of African Antitrust Enfor


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