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Our Latin American issue is presented by Danny Sokol who, with Eleanor Fox, recently published Latin American Competition Law and Policy. In Argentina, Julián Peña takes a hard look at the increased judicialization of antitrust. Moving to Brazil,  Ana Paula Martinez, director of the SDE, provides a historical context for cartel enforcement while Caio Mário da Silva Pereira Neto & Paulo Leonardo Casagrande offer a private sector view into Brazil’s antitrust system. From Chile, Paulo Montt provides an analysis of how competition law interfaces with sector regulation while Claudio Agostini, Eduardo Saavedra, & Manuel Willington address collusion using health care insurance as a case study. We finish in Mexico, where Gerardo Calderon outlines proposed changes to Mexico’s competition law and Víctor Pavón-Villamayor focuses on specific challenges of implementing joint dominance reforms. Goce el leer!

Latin America”Current Competition Issues

Daniel Sokol, Jul 14, 2010

Transition and Transformations in Latin American Competition Law and Policy: An Introduction

Latin America paints a picture of a region in which there are many changes in competition law and policy, both at the country level and regionally. D. Daniel Sokol, University of Florida.

Julian Pena, Jul 14, 2010

Antitrust Enforcement in Argentina Under Stricter Judicial Scrutiny

The greater importance of competition cases (much higher fines and important merger ca


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