Jun-07(1) & (2)

In this issue:

Defining the Market for Organic Foods

Thomas Lambert, Jun 14, 2007

Ignoring the Lessons of Von’s Grocery: Some Thoughts on the FTC’s Opposition to the Whole Foods/Wild Oats Merger

One of the most maligned antitrust decisions in history involved a merger of grocery store chains. Even those voices inclined toward substantial antitrust intervention believe the Supreme Court erred in its 1966 Von’s Grocery decision, which condemned the merger of the third- and sixth-largest grocery store chains in Los Angeles.

Recent Developments in France

Jeremy de Douhet, Axel Schulz, Jun 14, 2007

French Competition Council vs. GSK France: who is the predator?

On 14 March 2007 the French Competition Council issued a decision imposing a EUR 10 million fine on GlaxoSmithKline France (GSK France) for predatory pricing. The investigation was the result of a complaint by a generic manufacturer, Flavelab, and resulted in the first ever predatory pricing decision by the French Competition Council.


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