The trend in Europe is definitely towards more convergence between the EU and national approaches to competition questions. For example, the Commission just launched a consultation on merger review, partially designed to bring conformity among authorities. So with the help of Danny Sokol, we asked some practitioners and authorities on the national side to weigh in on the question: Are there conflicts between EU and national laws and, if so, what types of problems do they pose? The results are very interesting.

Conflicts Between EU and National Competition Laws

Liza Bellulo, Jun 28, 2013

Competition Advocacy in France: A Leverage for Compliance with EU Law?

While this advocacy function mainly aims at stimulating domestic competitiveness and democratic accountability…it also constitutes leverage for compliance with EU law. Liza Bellulo (Autorit de la concurrence)

Andreas Bardong, Jun 28, 2013

Cooperation, Convergence, and Conflicts? The Case of EU and National Merger Control

The mantra of international merger control has been cooperation, convergence, and comity. Andreas Bardong (Bundeskartellamt)

Alessandra Tonazzi, Jun 28, 2013

Italian and European Merger Review: Are There Differences and, If Yes, Do They Really Matter?

It might be interesting to notice, however, that the differences in merger review addressed in the report have at least at the formal level widened instead of diminished over time. Alessandra Tonazzi (Italian Competition Authori


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