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Not the Usual Suspects: Global Antitrust Voices

Jun 13, 2009

Judicial Decision in Argentina Tackles the Interplay between Enforcing Patent Rights and Antitrust Law within the Dispute between Monsanto and the Argentine Government on the “GM soy-seed RR”

The conjunction between intellectual property rights and antitrust law has recently become a very important issue worldwide and Latin America is not an exception. Therefore, the relevance of this case, which is the first judicial decision on the topic in Argentina, cannot be overrated.

Jun 13, 2009

Recent Developments in Brazilian Merger Control: The Case of Private Equity Funds

As a result, Brazilian Competition authorities are being challenged with legal and economic questions regarding the analysis of potential anticompetitive effects arising out of transactions involving such funds…

Jasminka Pecotic Kaufman, Jun 13, 2009

Fight Against Cartels in Croatia: More than a Decade of Enforcement Practice

Under the current Croatian competition regime there is no leniency program. However, the possibility of a more lenient treatment of undertakings is extensively used by the Croatian misdemeanor courts when deciding on a fine on the basis of the Competition Agency infringement decision

Rainer Lindberg, Jun 13, 2009

Boosting the Crisis Economy – Competition as an Ally

This article argues that competition especially should be seen as an ally for the current macroeconomic stimulus too


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