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Addressing Large Cartel Fines

Ronit Kreisberger, Jun 30, 2009

Appealing Fines in the Competition Appeal Tribunal: An Uphill Struggle?

his article focuses on two particular aspects of this line of case law: the status accorded to the OFT’s Guidance on penalties and the principle of equal treatment, and then considers the implications of the CAT’s approach for parties seeking to appeal penalties.

Philip Lowe, Jun 30, 2009

Cartels, Fines, and Due Process

I consider that the Commission’s current enforcement system based on deterrent administrative fines has been a tremendous success.

Bo Vesterdorf, Jun 30, 2009

The Court of Justice and Unlimited Jurisdiction: What Does it Mean in Practice?

Article 229EC provides that the Community Courts may, by Regulation, be given unlimited jurisdiction as regards sanctions decided under the Regulation in question.

Stephen Wisking, Jun 30, 2009

Does the European Commission Provide Parties with a Proper Opportunity to be Heard on the Level of Fines?

Given the very serious impact of fines at their current level, consideration should be given to whether there is better way of providing parties with a hearing in relation to the level of fines.

The Significance of the Intel Fine

Hazel Pearson, Jun 30, 2009

Headline-Grabbing Intel Fine Hides Article 82 EC Enforcement Concerns

The Intel case raises significant questions about the effectiveness of the Commission’s enforcement policies


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