The Learning Center offers courses, seminars, and books about cutting-edge topics in antitrust/competition policy and current issues:


Courses are offered via the latest internet technology. Participants can choose to attend streaming presentations─hearing the lecturers and having the opportunity to pose questions in real time.  Alternatively, participants can view a recording of the class at a time and place of their choosing. Our courses offer CLE credit in many states; readings and other reference materials will be available for all participants.

Multi-session courses - Indepth instruction on a particular topic, such as the use of econometrics in merger analysis.

Individual seminars - Indepth presentations on current topics and key issues.


Our books are published as hardcover and/or eBooks, and can be read on any available platform that can read PDF's, including IPads and Kindles:

Trustbusters, a collection of informational essays written by global competition authorities, is presented in its entirety and is available as both an eBook and a hardcover book.

Essays on the Economics of Two-Sided Markets by Dr. David S. Evans, is presented as a collection of abstracts with (free) links to the actual articles.


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