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The Commission’s Draft Guidelines on Non-horizontal Mergers

Robert O’Donoghue, David Parker, Mar 14, 2007

The Final Piece In The Jigsaw: An Analysis Of The Draft European Commission Guidelines On Non-Horizontal Mergers

This article examines in detail the extent to which the Draft Guidelines set out a coherent and economically sound approach to non-horizontal mergers.

Section 2 and Single-Firm Conduct


Feb 24, 2007

Prepared Testimony on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Justice Hearings on Single-Firm Conduct

This article provides the testimony of Stanton Anderson on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce before the DOJ/FTC hearings on single-firm conduct.

Joe Sims, Mar 08, 2007

Do We Need More Certainty In Section 2 Policy And Law?: Presentation Before The Federal Trade Commission/Department Of Justice Hearings On Single Firm Conduct.

Testimony of Joe Sims of Jones Day before the DOJ/FTC hearings on Single-Firm Conduct.

Mar 08, 2007

Remarks Before the DOJ/FTC Hearings on Single Firm Conduct and Section 2 of the Sherman Act

Testimony of Alan Silberman of Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal at the DOJ/FTC single-firm conduct hearings on monopoly power.


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