Blog o’ Blogs March 2015

March 2015, Volume 5, Number 3
Lots of opinions this month—on FTC process, dentistry, neutrality, Section 5—and updates on recent happenings in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.
FTC Gives Ground on Merger Challenges
When agency fails to win federal injunction, in-house trial proceedings won’t be automatic.
Brent Kendall (Wall Street Journal)
Changes to Commission Rule 3.26 re: Part 3 Proceedings following federal court denial of a preliminary injunction
Sometimes new rules are good; sometimes old ones work fine.
Debbie Feinstein (FTC)
North Carolina Dentists is in the Hizzouse, Y’all! Woot Woot!
For those of us passionate dorks who follow immunities issues closely, North Carolina State Board is a candy store.
Christopher Sagers (AntitrustConnect Blog)
Victory against Big Dentistry! The antitrust story
So, for those who are skeptical of antitrust law, this is a positive use of antitrust law.
Sasha Volokh (Washington Post)
Can competition fix net non-neutrality?

I think we can have our cake and eat it too and net neutrality regulation is a good place to start.

Joshua Gans (Digitopoly)

A few words about Section 5
I want to underscore that the Commission’s policy is not to seek disgorgement in stand-alone Section 5 cases.
Debbie Feinstein (FTC
Commissioner Wright Rightly Calls the Question on Section 5 Guidance
As Commissioner Wright has observed, any one of these sets of guidelines would be superior to the status quo.
Thom Lambert


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