Some of the most fascinating progress being made in modern competition policy is outside the box – in theory, yes, but also outside customary economic and financial centers. Our authors this month bring us up to date on recent advancements made in such diverse regions as Southern Africa, the Islamic World, Turkey, Israel, Albania, and Kazakhstan. As global economies develop and competition policy becomes more sophisticated, any business that identifies potentially attractive markets in these and similar countries would do well to learn more about the regulations and people who will be welcoming them.

Competition Activity in Transition Economies

Aldash Aitzhanov, May 29, 2012

Local Competition Bodies and Antimonopoly Policy Effectiveness in Transition Economies

Scholars should work to compare competition policy enforcement within countries internal territories. Aldash Aitzhanov (Center for Competition Policy Development and Advocacy (Kazakhstan))

Maher Dabbah, May 29, 2012

Islam, Islamic Countries, and Competition Law: From Past Glory to Modern Day Challenges

In light of the huge scope that exists for enriching the global debate on the fundamentals of competition law, the cultural and socio-economic and socio-political experience of Islamic countries can be interesting to discuss within this global debate. Maher Dabbah (Queen Mary, Univ. of London)

Heather Irvine, Candice Upfold, May 29, 2012

Competition Law Develops in Southern Africa

Companies doing business in these jurisdictions need to be aware of the different competition law rules applied in each jurisdiction in which they trade. Heather Irvine & Candice Upfold (Norton Rose)

Sinan Bozkus, Bekir Kocabas, May 29, 2012

New Developments in Merger Control in Turkey

This short paper aims to explain the main changes in notification thresholds and their first results. Bekir Kocaba & Sinan Bozku (Turkish Competition Authority)

Ermal Nazifi, May 29, 2012

Albania’s Experience in Competition Law

After the start of the transition of the Albanian economy from a planned to an open market economy, the need to introduce rules that assured free and effective competition was imminent. Ermal Nazifi (Albanian Competition Authority)

Shlomi Parizat, May 29, 2012

Politically Incorrect – Social Protest, Competition Advocacy, and Political Economy in Israel

Israel’s regulatory regime should become more pro-consumer and pro-competition, instead of serving mainly the interests of businesses. Shlomi Parizat (Israeli Antitrust Authority)


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