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Since 2012, when the Commission launched its State Aid Modernisation (“SAM”) reform of aid policy, new regulations have been steadily forthcoming—including, just last week, the adoption of new General Block Exemptions. So it’s more than timely that this issue brings us up to date on State aid. The first group of papers analyze the new reforms from a variety of perspectives. We then look at where State aid and private mandates intersect, followed by an especially topical question: How will State aid in the financial sector work with the reformed EU Banking Union? Our last article strays from the topic, but merits being Of Special Interest given how many high tech mergers authorities are currently analyzing—there are interesting lessons to be gained from a look back at the Google-AdMob merger.

State Aid: What Just Happened?

Stefano Grassani, May 28, 2014

The Modernization Process of EU State Aid Law: “The Search for the Right Balance Between State Intervention and the Invisible Hand”

With SAM, EU institutions have shaped the mechanisms designed to enforce the provisions of the TFEU in a way that procedural law de facto resembles substantive law. Stefano Grassani (Pavia e Ansaldo)

Hilary Jennings, May 28, 2014

State Aid Modernisation – Trying to Do More With Les

What is clear is that the evaluation of success will not be based on the amount of documents that have been revised since the reforms were launched, but on whether the envisaged be


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