Multiven charges Cisco with bundling and tying, other anticompetitive acts

Jan 30, 2012

Switzerland-based Multiven has filed allegations of abuse of dominance against Cisco with the Swiss Competition Commission. According to the complaint, Cisco bundled and tied necessary software updates to its maintenance services, SMARTnet. Such patches and updates are available only to customers that have purchased SMARTnet. As a result, Cisco excluded rivals from the network maintenance services market for Cisco equipment, which comprises 75% of the world's Internet infrastructure.

In addition to the bundling and tying, the complaint also charges Cisco with refusal to deal with Multiven, voiding software licenses of customers who obtained Cisco equipment from non-Cisco sources, and other anticompetitive acts.


Source: WebWire


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  • @Ian - i'd have to with the guy below. I heard some stories about this Peter Alfred-Adekeye guy from multiple sources who I am very close with. it sure made me question his ethics and the way he handled investor money when people invested in his company. I personally know a friend who invested in him and the company got no where. Later on to find out that he spent most of the funds on a lavish life style and partying it up every weekend. it sure makes me question this guys claims against cisco how hes trying to a world good. I think hes trying to make a quick buck. When i heard the stories i personally got a hate for this guys as an investor myself and i hope this message finds the people who are thinking about investing in any of his paper companies trust me it doesn't seem likely u will ever see your money back. Peter Alfred-Adekeye is a sweet talker and presuade you into investing in things that you normally wouldn't even think about inesting watch out and stay clear.

    Tony Leonard

    Posted by Tony Leonard, 14/08/2012 6:41am (2 years ago)

  • @ All-freed... angry much?
    Your comments make you sound like the actual bad guy. If you have a grudge with someone, say it to their face, the rest of the world isn't interested. Just a friendly advice.

    Posted by Ian Robey, 19/04/2012 11:10am (2 years ago)

  • PETER ALFRED ADEKEYE is a thief. He is claims to be a holly man and comes from a royal family from Nigeria. He is more like a Nigerian scam. INVESTORS BEWARE. He is like robin Hood tries to steal from the riches but the problem is he doesn't give back to the poor. So i guess he is just a thief. Every person or company that I have personally seen peter do Business with has all gone wrong. It is due to peter always trying to scam or rip somebody off over his greed. He mis treats his employees and threatens ppl lives with his lawyers cuz he know they can afford law fees to come back at him. PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THIS GUYS LIES AND PROPAGANDA HE IS A THIEF LIER AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A SCAM.... INVESTORS BEWARE!!!!!

    Posted by Peter All-freed, 06/03/2012 4:47pm (2 years ago)

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