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Harry First, Sep 28, 2007

Strong Spine, Weak Underbelly: The CFI Microsoft Decision

The CFI’s decision in Microsoft came as something of a surprise. In the run-up to its issuance, commentators had been predicting some sort of “split-the-difference” approach, seeing the Court as most likely upholding the Commission’s decision on Microsoft’s refusal to supply interoperability information to Sun but reversing its decision on Microsoft’s refusal to dis-integrate Windows and the Windows Media Player. I thought the opposite.

Renata Hesse, Oct 03, 2007

Microsoft and the Court of First Instance: What Does it All Mean?

As someone who has spent a considerable portion of the last five years working on issues involving Microsoft’s conduct and the competition laws, I read with interest the commentary that followed the issuance of the Court of First Instance’s decision on September 17.