Outreach Activities of the JFTC

The Japan Fair Trade Commission, Aug 28, 2012

As in the case of any policy, unless the society, including government bodies, understands why a policy is established and implemented, how it is used, and what kind of advantages can be obtained, the policy won’t go anywhere. Therefore, the success of any policy depends on how the government body responsible for the policy “advertises” it. (This kind of advertising activity is referred to as “outreach activity” in this paper.) Especially for competition policy, which maintains and promotes fair and free competition in the market, it may take time for the society to understand both its advantages and benefits. So the outreach activities of the government body responsible for a competition policy are important and essential for the policy to work well.

In this paper, we would like to explain three types of the outreach activities the Japan Fair Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as “JFTC”)-the government body responsible for the competition policy in Japan-uses for enterprises, government bodies, and the general public.

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