Pride and Prejudice: Investigations & Mergers in Digital Markets from a Developing World’s Viewpoint

By Elisa V. Mariscal & Alexander Elbittar

While in the developed world there has been a growing interest in studying, opining, critiquing, and publicly acknowledging their mea culpa in a very lax application of agencies’ competition enforcement in digital markets, agencies in developing countries have been trying to play catch up. Without detracting from the need to revisit and more carefully analyze anticompetitive conducts that can occur or may arise from market interactions among firms in a digital landscape, we want to view the problem from the particular lens of an agency in a developing. Why? Because certain conditions, present in the developed world may not yet have a hold in the developing world. In addition, developing countries may have important lessons to teach the developed world when looking at isolated regions, more at-risk or disadvantaged consumers, or may simply offer a different and novel way of viewing a problem with wider lenses than those currently being considered.

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