CPI Organization Basic Subscription (Extra Office)


• Full access to 23,000 antitrust articles
• Extensive resource library through advanced keywords search tools
• Daily Digest & CPI Antitrust Columns
• Publication of one CPI-approved article in Columns
• Full organization profile (of office and team members) and access to the CPI Platform
• One seat to one of CPI’s invitation-only events

* Extra offices can be added to a subscription package for an additional $300.oo. Please contact us via email and we will make appropriate arrangements for payment and access.



The organization-wide subscription includes all members in your office and is IP-based. Subscribers with receive the following for one year:

Award-Winning Publications     

Full access to the Antitrust Chronicle published twice a month and the CPI Journal published twice a year. We publish more than 150 articles annually written by top antitrust experts including academics, judges, officials, and leading practitioners from around the globe.

CPI Resource Library     

Full access to archives of more than 1000 published articles and case analyses that can be searched by topic, author, date, country, and publication.

CPI Learning Center   

Access to online and recorded courses on competition policy fundamentals & antitrust topics, and new classes and content posted. Courses include multi-sided platforms, econometrics, and more. The Antitrust Economics course is not included.

CPI’s Daily Digest and Blog o’ Blogs

The Daily Digest, our daily antitrust newsletter plus new articles by thought leaders on cartels, financial services, emerging markets, international competition policy issues and the latest on law and economics. More than 80 new articles published each year.

Blog o’ Blogs, our monthly wrap-up of the best competition policy and antitrust blogs published around the world.

Briefing Rooms   

Frequent online colloquiums on hot topics featuring leading judges, officials, law professors, and academic economists as panelists, along with related articles and other materials, videos, webinars, and more.


To purchase this subscription online, you may use a credit card online and send a list of IP addresses to our community manager. To request an invoice, you may contact our community manager, Monica Merrill, at mmerrill@competitionpolicyinternational.com. We will prepare and send it via email, and include information about alternative forms of payment.   


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