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Antitrust & Transportation


Don Baker, Bill Mullins, Sep 15, 2009

Railroad Antitrust Reform – A Train to Nowhere?

Will the removal of the few antitrust exemptions currently granted to the rail industry be likely to result in the type of antitrust relief required to curtail what the shippers view as an abuse of market power?


Chris Sagers, Sep 15, 2009

Competition Come Full Circle? Pending Legislation to Repeal the U.S. Railroad Exemptions

The single oldest and probably most convoluted story in American antitrust is its relationship with the railroads.


Jan Brueckner, Stef Proost, Sep 15, 2009

Carve-Outs Under Airline Antitrust Immunity: In the Public Interest?

The effects of alliances and ATI on airfares have been extensively investigated in the economics literature…but despite the centrality of carve-outs in the latest ATI decisions, the economics literature on alliances offers no treatment whatsoever of this topic.


Daniel Kasper, Darin Lee, Sep 15, 2009

Why Airline Antitrust Immunity Benefits Consumers

Revoking the antitrust immunity for airline alliances could be expected to have adverse and far reaching implications for the quality, convenience, and price of international air services.