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This issue, organized by guest editor Paul Lugard, takes an indepth look at the pending revision of the EU competition rules on horizontal cooperation agreements. Paul leads off with a summary of the issues and an introduction to the articles, then Julia Holtz & Tero Louko weigh in on standard setting; Anne Layne-Farrar & Jorge Padilla look at standardization agreements; Axel Gutermuth advocates legal certainty; Richard Taffet tackles the tricky issue of intellectual property rights; and Andreas Reindl assesses the approach to information exchange.

The EC’s Draft Guidelines on Horizontal Co-Operation Agreements

Paul Lugard, Sep 15, 2010

The EC Commission’s Review of the EU Competition Rules on Horizontal Agreements

The proposed revisions do, in fact, raise a significant number of technical and more fundamental issues. Paul Lugard (Royal Philips Electronics, Tilburg Law & Economics Centre)

Julia Holtz, Tero Louko, Sep 15, 2010

The Standard Setting Process and the European Commission’s Draft Horizontal Guidelines

To promote innovation and economic development, the standard-setting process should be geared towards identifying the best in breed technologies irrespective of the existing market position of the various companies participating in the standard-setting procedure. Julia Holtz & Tero Louko (Google)

Anne Layne-Farrar, Jorge Padilla, Sep 15, 2010

Comments to the Commission’s Draft Horizontal Guidelines – S


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