One of the biggest challenges in antitrust is keeping technology issues straight. To help everyone stay informed, we asked some experts to bring us up to date. In particular, two of DG Comp’s tech authorities (Per Hellstrom & Thomas Kramler) discuss the issue they feel to be high on their list of concerns – patents. Paul Lugard & David Cardwell (from Baker Botts’ new Brussels office) take a non-authority look at the EU approach to innovation; for an international viewpoint, we bring in Ilene Gotts and Scott Sher. And, to discuss a continuously “hot” subject,Benoît Durand (RBB Economics) and Andreas Reindl (Leuphana University of Lüneburg) bring us up to date on the latest economic thinking on fines. ing us up to date on the latest economic thinking on high fines.

Tech – Innovation Concerns

Per Hellstrom, Thomas Kramler, Oct 01, 2012

Competition, Standards, and Patents

We discuss what lessons market participants and regulators might draw from ongoing disputes. Per Hellstrm & Thomas Kramler (DG Comp)

David Cardwell, Paul Lugard, Oct 05, 2012

Innovation is King. Or is it?

The precise significance of innovation in EU competition law has remained, at best, opaque. Paul Lugard & David Cardwell (Baker Botts)

Ilene Knable Gotts, Scott Sher, Oct 01, 2012

Antitrust Concerns of Patent Acquisitions

The current patent environment’s stress on competition and innovation has caused several detrimental market effects. Ilene K


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