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Judge Dismisses Antitrust Suit Against Zillow

A federal judge this week dismissed a two-year-old antitrust lawsuit against Zillow Group and its Zestimate home valuation tool.

Judge Allows GMR Songwriters Antitrust Suit Against RMLC To Proceed

A California Federal Judge gave a split decision in the competing antitrust lawsuits filed by Global Music Rights (GMR) and the Radio...
Writers Guild of America

Agencies want dismissal of Writers Guild suit

Oral arguments were heard Friday, January 24, in federal court on the Big 3 talent agencies’ motion to dismiss the Writer’s Guild...
Beef packers

US: Beef packers seek dismissal of antitrust suit

Lawyers for America’s largest beef packing companies filed papers on Friday seeking dismissal of the class action suit filed against them by...
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US: Schwab-TD Ameritrade merger targeted by antitrust suit

After Charles Schwab announced in November a deal to acquire TD Ameritrade, some RIAs voiced concerns the merger would reduce competition and...

US: Judge rejects DOJ request to appear in Writers Guild suit

A federal judge on Monday, December 2, refused to allow the Department of Justice (DOJ) to appear at a court hearing in...
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US: Door-maker pays to settle antitrust suit

On November 19, a Virginia court judge issued an order in favor of door manufacturer Steves and Sons’ (Steves) motion for further...

US: Bumble Bee files bankruptcy amid antitrust suits

Bumble Bee Foods, the largest North American brand of packaged seafood, filed for bankruptcy amid criminal fines and civil lawsuits stemming from...
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US: CargoSprint beats shipping logistics antitrust suit

PayCargo failed to offer enough economic detail to back up its claims that CargoSprint used its warehouse logistics software to monopolize...
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US: Houston strip clubs challenged in antitrust suit

An adult entertainment venue is suing the city of Houston, alleging that it is harmed because its competitors are immune to certain...


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