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Judge Suggests Apple vs Epic Should Go To Jury

During Monday's hearing for Epic and Apple's legal battle over the App Store and "Fortnite," the judge suggested that the public's opinion...

Facebook Has Been Asking Apple To Change iPhone’s Default Messages App...

Facebook executives have sharply ramped up their criticism of Apple in recent months, contesting the iPhone maker’s restrictions on gaming apps and...

EU Commission Appeals $15B Apple Tax Case

The European Commission said Friday it is appealing a court decision that Apple doesn't have to repay 13 billion euros ($15 billion)...

EU Said To Be Considering Apple Tax Decision Appeal

European Union competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager is reported to be leaning towards lodging an appeal against a court decision that quashed her...

Apple Rivals Form Coalition To Challenge App Store Fees

A group of Apple’s critics including Spotify Technology, Match Group Inc and “Fortnite” creator Epic Games  have joined a nonprofit group that...

Apple Responds To Spotify Antitrust Criticism Over Apple One

Spotify has been one of the major tech companies to accuse Apple of having too much power and using monopolistic business practices....

Apple Wants Damages From Epic Games In App Store Case

Apple wants damages from Fortnite parent Epic Games amid its conflict with the developer, which began in August, USA Today reported.

Australian Watchdog To Probe Apple, Google App Stores

Australia’s competition regulator on Tuesday, September 8, said it would look into the extent of competition between the app stores of Apple...

Epic Claims Apple’s Ban Has Cost it 60% of Fortnite Users

Epic Games, the creator of "Fortnite," is still trying to force Apple to restore the game to the App Store while the...
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Italy Probes Google, Apple & Dropbox Clouds

Italy’s antitrust authority said on Monday it had opened an inquiry into Google, Apple and Dropbox over cloud computing services, reported Reuters. 


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