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Antitrust Chronicle Buyer Cartels

Antitrust Chronicle – Buyer Cartels

Dear Readers, The cardinal sin under antitrust rules is a conspiracy to fix prices. Competition legislation throughout the world therefore universally sets out, as its...
Buyer Cartels Defining Appropriate Competition Policy

Buyer Cartels: Defining Appropriate Competition Policy

Buyer power issues are of increasing concern for competition law and policy. This includes buyer cartels. It is important to distinguish cartels from legitimate...
Buyers’ Cartels Prevalence and Undercharges

Buyers’ Cartels: Prevalence and Undercharges

This article supplements information on 24 U.S. domestic buyers’ cartels cited in a 2010 book by Blair & Harrison by assembling and analyzing a...
Criminal Prosecution of Buyer Cartels

Where Have We Been, and Where Are We Going? The Criminal...

The announcement in October 2016 that the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice intended “to criminally investigate naked no-poaching or wage-fixing agreements,”...
Recent EU Developments in Buyer-Side Cartels

Recent EU Developments in Buyer-Side Cartels

Recent Commission decisions and judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning purchasing cartels offer insights as to how the Commission...
European Competition Law Purchasing Alliances

European Competition Law Scrutiny of Purchasing Alliances

It seems undeniable that within the EU interest is growing in purchasing alliances and particularly in the grocery retail sector. However, care must be...
Buyer Cartel Doctrine Lessons From Labor Antitrust

Buyer Cartel Doctrine: Lessons From Labor Antitrust

While there is general agreement that buyer collusion can be as anticompetitive (and illegal) as seller collusion, the sparse caselaw on buyer cartels leaves...
Buyer Cartels Theoretical Policy Framework

Buyer Cartels: A Theoretical and Policy Framework

This paper contains a theoretical analysis cartel formation by buyers in thin markets where with a small number of buyers and sellers. Limiting the...
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