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Brazil’s Central Bank Uses Payment Platform To Encourage Competition

Brazil’s central bank is revving up its years-long effort to bust up the country’s clubby banking industry, reported The Wall Street Journal. The payment system,...
Facebook’s Abuse Investigation in Germany and Some Thoughts on Cooperation Between Antitrust and Data Protection Authorities

Dusseldorf Court Asks ECJ To Review Facebook Data Case

Facebook’s challenge to a German antitrust attack on its business model will head to the European Union’s top court after a national tribunal sought...
Antitrust Chronicle - Data Portability

France Data Watchdog Opens Clubhouse App Probe

France’s data-protection watchdog announced that it’s opened a probe into private social media app Clubhouse following a complaint, reported Bloomberg. French regulator CNIL stated on...

TikTok Users Now Must Accept Personal Ads

TikTok will soon make personalized ads mandatory, meaning you’ll start getting ads in the app based on the kind of content you engage with,...

French Watchdog Starts Privacy Probe Into Apple Ads

The French data protection authority is investigating Apple's advertising tools in response to a complaint from a lobbyist group claiming Apple doesn't operate a...

China To Strengthen Antitrust Powers Focusing On Media

China will strengthen anti-trust regulatory powers to push forward healthy, sustainable development of internet platforms, state CCTV television quoted President Xi Jinping as saying...
Competition in Online Markets

Competition in Online Markets

Across the globe, regulators continue to question the extent of current competition laws and policies following the rise of digital platforms, big data, fintechs,...
Valve Refuses Apple's Request For Data Against Epic In Antitrust Suit

Valve Refuses Apple’s Request For Data Against Epic In Antitrust Suit

PC gaming giant Valve, owner and creator of the gaming platform Steam, has refused an Apple request to provide information related to sales and...

Italy’s Antitrust Watchdog Fines Facebook Over Users’ Data

The Italian Antitrust authority announced on Wednesday, February 17, that it has fined Facebook €7 million for failing to follow its instructions to terminate...

UK’s Antitrust Regulator Suffers 150 Data Breaches In Two Years

The UK government’s antitrust regulator was hit by 150 personal data breaches in the last two years, as hackers targeted its trove of sensitive...


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