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DuckDuckGo Calls Out Google’s New Ad Retargeting Features

DuckDuckGo's recent Chrome extension has been a big thorn in advertisers’ side even since its release. DuckDuckGo offers a free chrome extension that protects...

DuckDuckGo Wants True “One-click” Search Competition On Android

Consumers deserve a competitive search market where the search engines they want are actually “just one click away” wrote Duck Duck Go in a...

DuckDuckGo Wants To Meet With EU’s Vestager On Google

US search engine DuckDuckGo and four of its European peers on Tuesday, October 27, asked EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager to arrange a meeting...

DuckDuckGo Says Google Search a Target of US Antitrust Probes

US federal and state authorities are asking detailed questions about how to limit Google’s power in the online search market as part of their...

US: Google adds DuckDuckGo option in Chrome

The latest Google Chrome web browser update has a pleasant surprise in store for users who value their privacy. The Chromium engine under the...
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