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Facebook’s WhatsApp Opens Digital Payments In Brazil

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service rolled out a system across Brazil on Monday, June 15th, that will allow users to send money to...

Facebook, Giphy Deal Gets UK’s Attention

Facebook’s acquisition of popular GIF website Giphy is being scrutinised by Britain’s competition watchdog for possibly reducing competition in the United Kingdom.

Ex-DOJ Official Argues Facebook Was In The Practice Of Squashing Rivals

Fiona Scott Morton, a former top antitrust official in the Obama administration, is accusing Facebook of anti-competitive behavior in a paper that...

Australia Plans New Facebook Probe Over Giphy Deal

Facebook claims it has nothing to hide from the Australian competition regulator, which has launched an investigation into the social media giant's...
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EU Can Now Use Facebook’s Google Photos Export Tool

Facebook’s photo transfer tool is now available globally half a year after an initial rollout in Europe, the company stated. 

Beyond Killer Acquisitions: Are There More Common Potential Competition Issues in...

How common are killer acquisitions in tech and are there alternative theories of harm that are likely to arise more frequently? We...
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EU Wants User Feedback Before New Tough Tech Regulations

EU regulators are seeking feedback from users and digital service providers before drafting rules that could rein in Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber...
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Australian Regulator Says Media Could ‘Boycott’ Google And Facebook 

According to The Guardian, Australia's competition watchdog has promised to even up the market imbalance between news organizations and tech giants. The...

Facebook Plans to Integrate Giphy With Instagram Following Acquisition

Facebook is acquiring Giphy, one of the most popular GIF-sharing sites on the web, in a deal that’s reportedly valued at US$400...

India Reviewing Antitrust Allegations Against Facebook’s WhatsApp?

India's antitrust watchdog is looking into allegations that Facebook's WhatsApp is abusing its dominant position by offering payment services to its vast...


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