America-First Antitrust

America-First Antitrust

By Eleanor M. Fox and Harry First – What is America-First antitrust? America First means nationalism,which of course extends beyond America. Nationalism is the watchword of Brexit and of any number of political parties in Europe that might soon come to power. “From this moment on, it’s going to be America First.” So spoke Donald J. […]

State Created Barriers to Exit: The Example of the Acquisition of Alstom by General Electric

Nicolas Petit, March 20, 2016 This paper seeks to understand the competitive impact of State restrictions to M&A transactions that target domestic corporations. In the economic literature, a rich body of papers has examined the impact of State restrictions in terms of market access, international trade and FDI. In contrast, the consequences of State restrictions […]

Foreign Direct Investment and Competition in Mexico

Alejandro Faya, Dec 12, 2012 Under the old Mexican protectionist model the commercial barriers were aimed at substituting imports for domestic production and foreign investors were not supposed to distress local entrepreneurs. Moreover, the intervention of the Government in the economy through state-owned enterprises, direct financing, and subsidies was quite far-reaching. The model was very […]

Whither Harmonization? India’s Draft Combination Regulations

Ellen Jakovic, Aaron Nielson, Christine Wilson, Apr 15, 2011 India’s economy is fast becoming one of the largest and most vibrant in the world. While the recent global economic downturn has caused the economies of other large nations to stagnate, India’s continues to thrive. Indeed, Willem H. Buiter, chief economist for Citigroup and a chaired […]