Australia: Sims warns telecoms of upcoming courts cases

Australia: Sims warns telecoms of upcoming courts cases

In an interview with ABC News, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Rod Sims spoke of current and forthcoming actions that the commission is taking against internet service providers (ISPs). Sims spoke of how the ACCC is concerned with misleading advertising related to internet speeds and a three part strategy to combat such advertising […]

Net Neutrality: an E.U./U.S. Comparison

Martin Cave & Ingo Vogelsang, March 20, 2016 Net neutrality has been an issue that has preoccupied consumers, firms and regulators over the past decade. It concerns the financial and qualitative terms on which unaffiliated content and application providers (“CAPs”) may have their content delivered by the local access provider or Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”). […]

Beyond Comcast-Time Warner Cable: The Fragmentation of the American Internet

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Anant Raut, Apr 14, 2014 The fate of Comcast-Time Warner Cable is almost an afterthought for web content creators, who are facing a much more existential threat. The D.C. Circuit’s decision in Verizon v. F.C.C. seemed to sound the death knell for net neutrality, […]

Net Neutrality Regulation and the Evolution of the Internet Economy

David Evans, Aug 30, 2011 There have been a number of calls for the government to regulate internet businesses. The most prominent of these involves “net neutrality” regulation of pricing by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In a short space of time the net neutrality debate has resulted in a voluminous and heated literature. More recently […]

Network Neutrality: A Competition Angle

Frank Maier-Rigaud, Aug 30, 2011 Overall, the regulatory and competition issues surrounding the question of internet traffic prioritization are far from solved and the debate is far from being over. A division of labor between appropriate ex ante (mainly access) regulation that generates and fosters functioning broadband competition-possibly also regulating traffic-shaping methods not aimed at […]

The linkLine Decision: Section 2 Gets Squeezed Further

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Scott Martin, Apr 15, 2009 Though antitrust cases have appeared with surprising frequency on the U.S. Supreme Court’s docket in recent years, certain issues of real interest to practitioners and especially businesspersons continue to elude scrutiny. (Bundling, anyone?) However, the Court’s February 25, […]

Diverging but Increasingly Converging: The U.S. Supreme Court in linkLine A European Perspective

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Peter Alexiadis, Anthony Shortall, Apr 15, 2009 In a nutshell, the question is whether it is correct to consider that a margin squeeze simply consists, as the U.S. Supreme Court holds in linkLine, in an evaluation of a predatory pricing action (at the […]