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EU Commission Launches Study On The Future Of Online Platforms

The European Commission has launched a call for tender for a two-year participatory foresight study into the future of online platforms. Search engines and online...
Why Tech Regulators Need to Think Like Google

Why Tech Regulators Need to Think Like Google

As many of the world’s largest companies are platform-based technology companies, there has been a growing push worldwide to regulate these companies to address...
What we talk about when we talk about deplatforming Trump

What We Talk About When We Talk About Deplatforming Trump

Following his role in the January 6th attacks on the Capitol, several online platforms banned President Donald Trump from their platforms. While scholars and...
Aesthetics, Technology, And Regulations

Aesthetics, Technology, And Regulations

Technology companies have increasingly come under regulatory fire for impairing society, markets, competition, and free speech, among other things. The underlying belief is that...
Randomized Experiments for Online Content Moderation Policy

Randomized Experiments for Online Content Moderation Policy

The difficulty of achieving consensuses over the regulation of online content moderation has created a stringent and divergent regulatory framework around the world. This...
Platform Content Standardization

Platform Content Standardization

As the enactment of the DSA is coming closer, anticipations around the new rules for curbing Big Tech power are mounting. A revision of...
The ACCC's Ongoing Digital Platforms Inquiry: Choice Screens, Online Retail Marketplaces

The ACCC’s Ongoing Digital Platforms Inquiry: Online Retail Marketplaces

By Jacqueline Downes, Melissa Camp and Bella Cameron1   I. Introduction This piece builds on our previous articles2 covering the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) examination...

Dutch Watchdog Plans New Guidelines For Platforms

On Tuesday the Dutch consumer and competition regulator ACM announced it's working on new guidelines for online platforms. Online platforms, such as marketplaces, search...

Google To Pay Over 300 EU Publishers For News

Google has signed deals to pay more than 300 publishers in Germany, France and four other EU countries for their news and will roll...
5- China’s Practice in Finding Market Dominance of Online Platforms By WU Peng, LONG Rui & DONG Ke

China’s Practice in Finding Market Dominance of Online Platforms

In the past year, one of the most important and noteworthy events for China's antitrust legislation and enforcement has been the intensification of antitrust...
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