Free-Riding in Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: Theory and Evidence

Posted by EconPapers Free-Riding in Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: Theory and Evidence By Paolo Pertile, Simona Gamba & Martin Forster We present a model of the strategic interaction among authorities regulating pharmaceutical prices in different countries and the R&D investment decisions of pharmaceutical firms. Regulators’ decisions affect consumer surplus directly, via prices, and indirectly via firms’ profits […]

The antitrust duty to charge low prices

Posted by Social Science Research Network The antitrust duty to charge low prices By Ramsi Woodcock (Georgia State University) Abstract:     Antitrust’s embrace of the maximization of welfare in the economic sense as its goal over the past forty years has opened up a gap between its end and its means, which is the condemnation of collusion […]

Uber and the Rule of Law: Should Spontaneous Liberalization Be Applauded or Criticized?

Damien Geradin, March 20, 2016 While Uber is able to operate legally in a growing number of countries and cities, regulatory approval has proved to be elusive in other jurisdictions. Yet, in a number of regions or cities Uber decided to launch its services despite the absence of regulatory approval. The fact that Uber has […]

Assessing Unfair Pricing Under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law for Innovation-Intensive Industries

David Evans, Vanessa Yanhua Zhang, Xinzhu Zhang, Sep 11, 2014 China, like a number of other antitrust jurisdictions, has a law concerning unfair pricing. This article develops an economic framework for applying the unfair pricing law in China. The framework draws on the experience of courts and competition authorities in other jurisdictions and the writings […]