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FTC Won’t Seek SCOTUS Revival Of Four-Year Antitrust Qualcomm Suit

US antitrust enforcers are abandoning their lawsuit against Qualcomm that accused the company of abusing its dominant position in chips that power smartphones, reported...
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FTC Reportedly Won’t Appeal Qualcomm Case At Supreme Court

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has less than two weeks left to file a Supreme Court appeal regarding a court decision last year that...

Airtel & Qualcomm Team Up For India 5G Push

Bharti Airtel, which provides telecommunications services, is teaming up with Qualcomm, a chipmaker and wireless tech company, to accelerate the pace of the 5G...

Microsoft, Google, & Qualcomm Complain To US Watchdog About NVIDIA’s Purchase

Microsoft, Google, and Qualcomm are among major tech companies that have complained to US antitrust regulators regarding NVIDIA's acquisition of Arm. Bloomberg reported that...

Qualcomm Loses Fight Against EU Data Demand

Qualcomm lost its fight against a data demand from EU antitrust regulators after Europe’s top court reaffirmed the regulators’ right to see it, in...
Artificial Intelligence and Antitrust in a Post-Qualcomm World

Artificial Intelligence and Antitrust in a Post-Qualcomm World

The questions in FTC v. Qualcomm are consequential in setting competitive norms in an economy anxious about the exercise of market power. Like many...

Appeals Court Rejects FTC Request To Reconsider Qualcomm Antitrust Suit

On Wednesday, October 28, a US appeals court declined to reconsider a decision that dismissed the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) antitrust case against Qualcomm,...
Antitrust Chronicle FTC v. Qualcomm: The Sky Is NOT Falling

FTC v. Qualcomm: The Sky Is NOT Falling

Judges can be too demanding of plaintiffs and thereby stymie meritorious cases, but that is not what happened in FTC v. Qualcomm. The FTC...
Antitrust Chronicle - Antitrust at the Cusp

Antitrust at the Cusp

Antitrust sits at the cusp today. That is driven at least in part by the rise of the great digital tech firms of the...

FTC Requests Rehearing En Banc of Qualcomm Appeals Panel Decision

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urged a US appeals court to reconsider an August 11 ruling that threw out antitrust claims against chipmaker...


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