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Appeals Court Rejects FTC Request To Reconsider Qualcomm Antitrust Suit

On Wednesday, October 28, a US appeals court declined to reconsider a decision that dismissed the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) antitrust case...
Antitrust Chronicle FTC v. Qualcomm: The Sky Is NOT Falling

FTC v. Qualcomm: The Sky Is NOT Falling

Judges can be too demanding of plaintiffs and thereby stymie meritorious cases, but that is not what happened in FTC v. Qualcomm....
Antitrust Chronicle - Antitrust at the Cusp

Antitrust at the Cusp

Antitrust sits at the cusp today. That is driven at least in part by the rise of the great digital tech firms...

FTC Requests Rehearing En Banc of Qualcomm Appeals Panel Decision

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urged a US appeals court to reconsider an August 11 ruling that threw out antitrust claims...

Qualcomm-Nokia Group Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit by Auto Supplier

Continental AG, which makes control units for Daimler AG cars, can’t pursue antitrust claims against a group of patent owners including Qualcomm Inc. that are seeking...

Qualcomm Wants Class Suit Tossed After FTC Antitrust Win

Qualcomm is asking a federal appeals court to toss an antitrust class action seeking up to US$15 billion in damages in light...

Ford, Honda Want FTC To Seek Rehearing In Qualcomm Ruling

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been urged to seek an en banc rehearing of its unsuccessful antitrust case against Qualcomm...

In Defense of State Enforcement: A Positive Perspective on State and...

Antitrust enforcers do not always see eye to eye. The recent cases of Qualcomm and Sprint/T-Mobile provide two recent examples. Despite the...

Qualcomm Asks US To Let It Sell Chips To Huawei

The American chip company Qualcomm is lobbying the Trump administration to roll back restrictions on the sale of advanced components to the...

Qualcomm Signs Patent Licensing Deal With Huawei

Qualcomm Incorporated reached a deal with Chinese telecom business Huawei to settle a patent dispute, the company announced Thursday, July 30.


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