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Raiders’ Move To Vegas Case Sent To SCOTUS

The City of Oakland is asking the US Supreme Court to review its antitrust challenge over the relocation of the National Football League’s Raiders...
The Unchecked Market Power of the American Health Care System

SCOTUS Won’t Hear Antitrust Suit Against Atrium Health

The US Supreme Court declined to hear an antitrust lawsuit against Atrium Health that challenged its market dominance.  The justices won't review a March decision...
Does an Exclusive-Dealing Agreement Violate the Antitrust Laws?

SCOTUS Declines To Enter Flanax Trademark Dispute

The US Supreme Court declined to review a Fourth Circuit ruling blocking Belmora’s use of the trademark Flanax in the US in a dispute...

SCOTUS Rejects Volkswagen Appeals Over Emissions Case

The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected Volkswagen's  bid to avoid lawsuits filed by officials in three states seeking damages stemming from the German...

SCOTUS Rebuffs AbbVie Appeal In Patent Suit

The US Supreme Court on Monday, June 21, declined to hear AbbVie’s challenge to a lower court’s decision that it violated federal antitrust law...

Facebook Says SCOTUS Ruling Means FTC Antitrust Suit Should Be Tossed

Facebook stated a US Supreme Court decision last week on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) authority to recover money for consumers means the agency’s...
FTC's Rebecca Kelly Slaughter Is New Acting Chair Of the Agency

Acting FTC Chair Asks Congress To Restore Authority After SCOTUS Decision

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is asking Congress to restore its authority to return funds to victims of fraud and other illegal activity, according...
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Supreme Court Curbs FTC’s Power to Seek Monetary Awards

The Supreme Court issued a ruling Thursday, April 22, that will significantly limit the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) ability to extract monetary relief for...
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US Justice Thomas Wants To Changes To Big Tech Regulation

Big technology platform players like Facebook and Google could see massive changes in regulations if US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gets traction on his idea that the...

Google Prevails Over Oracle In  Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court ruled Monday, April 5, in favor of Google in a long-running copyright dispute against Oracle that has huge implications for Silicon...
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