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SmileDirectClub Presses Antitrust Appeal Against CA Dental Board

A California state dental board should face antitrust claims over the agency's investigation of dental products maker SmileDirectClub, a lawyer for the tele-dentistry company...

Biden Admin Opposes Dental Board Immunity In SmileDirectClub Case

The Biden administration weighed in on SmileDirectClub’s lawsuit challenging restrictions imposed on it by Georgia’s dental board, urging the US Court of Appeals for...
Law and Justice

Alabama Dental Board Sues FTC Over SmileDirectClub Probe

Alabama’s dental board sued the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), seeking to halt the agency’s investigation into whether it is violating antitrust laws by enforcing...

SmileDirectClub Beats Georgia Dental Board’s Appeal

SmileDirectClub can move forward with its lawsuit challenging the Georgia dental board’s authority to ban its core business model, a divided Eleventh Circuit ruled...

US Top Antitrust Enforcers Hone In On SmileDirectClub Case

A federal appeals court dispute over a dental company’s ability to operate in Alabama has drawn the nation’s top antitrust enforcers, including the head...
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