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Competition Across the Radio Spectrum in West Africa: Regional and National Aspects

By Georgiana Pop & Gonçalo Coelho (World Bank Group)1   Introduction The goal of this article is to help in identifying competition constraints related to the development…

Algorithmic Collusion: Competition Implications and Anticompetitive Evidence in Brazil

By Guilherme Mendes Resende1   Introduction The use of algorithms by companies is increasingly influencing business and the competitive environment. Pricing algorithms, for instance, enable companies to set prices promptly and efficiently….

ECJ Redefines the “Economic Entity” Doctrine and Rules that a Subsidiary May be Liable for Behavior of Its Parent Company (Sumal C-882/19)

By Marc Barennes, Bas Braeken & Jade Versteeg1   Last week, on October 7, 2021 the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the EU ( “ECJ”) handed down a…

Designing The ICN

By Konrad von Finckenstein1   The May issue of this publication carried an article entitled “(Nearly) a century of ICN.”2 On the issue of design, the authors state: Through both foresight and…

CPI Talks… with JFTC Chairman Kazuyuki Furuya

In this month’s edition of CPI Talks… we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Kazuyuki Furuya, Chairman of the Japan Fair Trade Commission (“JFTC”). Thank you, Chairman Furuya, for…

How Should the CCI Market Its ‘Market Studies’? A Case for Incentivizing Industry Participation

By Abhay Joshi & Tanaya Sethi1   I. Market Studies – A Background Market studies are gaining importance among competition regulators across jurisdictions, and the Competition Commission…

Twilight of the Lodestars: Brandeis, Chicago, Schumpeter and the Future of Competition Policy

By Joseph V. Coniglio1   “All becoming and growing — all that guarantees a future — involves pain.”2 Something like this may be said of U.S….

The ACCC’s Continued Digital Inquiry: App Stores and Choice Screens

By Jacqueline Downes, Felicity McMahon, William Georgiou & Melissa Camp1   I. Introduction This piece builds on our previous article2 covering the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (“ACCC”) examination of developments in…


No-Poach and Wage-Fixing Agreements in Canada – So What’s the Issue?

By Chris Margison & Robin Spillette1   Introduction The application of antitrust laws to no-poach2 and wage-fixing agreements3 is currently being debated in many jurisdictions around the world. While it is generally…

Standards, Patents and Transparency

By Dr. Kirti Gupta & Fabian Gonell*   In recent years, the widespread success enjoyed by some technology standards, especially wireless cellular standards, have led policy makers to pay closer attention…

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