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This edition of the CPI TechREG Chronicle concerns “Connected Healthcare” – namely how developments in technology and communications can facilitate the provision of key healthcare services to consumers. While connected healthcare services doubtless provide numerous benefits to patients and healthcare providers, they can also raise numerous regulatory challenges, as the authors of the pieces in this Chronicle set out.

Silvana Togneri MacMahon & Ita Richardson open, by providing a satellite view of how technology is changing the provision of healthcare. The authors present a definition of Connected Health, consisting of five components: Technology, Healthcare Pathways, People, Regulation and Data. Naturally, the article focuses on regulation – presenting the importance of recognizing how Connected Health solutions, given that they are Medical Devices in many cases, must be regulated.  

Amy Durbin notes how the COVID-19 pandemic further ushered in an unprecedented era of change within the healthcare industry, particularly for telehealth. While pre-pandemic telehealth policy at the state and federal level often focused around payer reimbursement policies, attention during the pandemic has focused on state licensing and prescribing compliance across state lines. The article discusses ever-complicated and evolving medical privacy laws, as well as remaining broadband infrastructure and digital barriers. 

Carol K. Lucas & Jenni


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