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Platform regulation is the debate of our times. Just as the rise of the so-called “trusts” in the late 19th Century gave rise to what is now known as “antitrust law,” the rise of the so-called “platforms” is leading to a new wave of regulation.

This regulation overlaps with antitrust law in several respects, but it also introduces novel concepts. What is a “platform”? How does one define a “gatekeeper” role? Once defined, what specific rules should be imposed on “platforms” or “gatekeepers” and why? How should these rules interact with those already in place under existing antitrust legislation?

Numerous reports commissioned over the past couple of years have identified concerns from certain stakeholders. The fruit borne by these reports takes the form of proposed legislation such as the EU Digital Markets Act, and draft legislation before the UK Parliament and the U.S. Congress. 

Change is afoot, and platforms are at the locus of the debate. The pieces in this Chronicle address the proposed regulation of platforms in various jurisdictions in its current state. What are the proposed rules? What are the aims of those rules? How do those rules cohere with existing antitrust and other regulations?

These are the debates that policymakers, practitioners and stakeholders will have to address in short order. The pieces in this volume provide a vital contribution to this ongoing dialogue.

As always, many thanks to our


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