The Digital Economy (Part 1) – Antitrust Risks

For September, we are pleased to bring you part one of a three part series focusing on the Digital Economy. Part one will focus on Antitrust Risks. Parts two and three will focus on Mergers and IP related issues respectively and will be published in the coming months.

It is generally safe to say that, today, more than ever, the digital economy reaches into most aspects of our lives. The digital economy has led to big changes in market structure creating debates on competition policy and regulatory issues. This month’s articles cover a variety of topics around antitrust risks in the digital economy such as the latest news on the European Commission’s Google Search decision, network effects, market power in multisided markets, buyer power, the fast evolving ride sharing sector and big data and privacy policies. These are all bleeding-edge topics for antitrust regulators, academics and practitioners.

We hope you enjoy reading this September 2017 edition of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle. CPI would like to thank CCIA for suggesting the topic and sponsoring this month’s Chronicle.