Antitrust Chronicle - Cartels & Concerted Practices: From A to Z

This month, the Antitrust Chronicle brings you a special edition on Cartels & Concerted Practices, from A to Z. Articles in this months AC feature discussions on issues related to hybrid settlement cases in the European Union, price signaling, private damages in different jurisdictions and the impact, so far, of the Yates Memorandum on the DOJs investigations and prosecutions of individuals involved in cartels.

The articles address changes to cartel enforcement in several different jurisdictions. Are these changes fundamental? Evolutionary or even revolutionary? These developments are critical as antitrust authorities mature and hone their cartel enforcement, learning from their mistakes and success. Stay tuned; there is more to come.

CPI Journal

CPI Journal

The CPI Journal is published semi-annually, both online and as an e-book. The journal presents indepth symposiums on crucial competition topics, with articles written by recognized experts from the academic, legal, and regulatory arenas.

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