Rose Webb



  • Senior Executive Director, Competition Commission of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong

Ms. Rose Webb was appointed to the position of Senior Executive Director of the Competition Commission (CC) in April 2014.

Immediately prior to the appointment to CC, Ms Webb was Executive General Manager, Mergers and Adjudication at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) responsible for overseeing the review and investigation of potentially anti-competitive mergers, dealing with application for exemption to the competition law, and developing strategy and policies as well as representing the ACCC at national and international meetings.

Ms. Webb has over 25 years of government and regulatory authority experience and possesses a deep understanding of the competition law enforcement.

Since graduation Ms. Webb has worked in the public sector with wide exposure at Australian federal government departments and regulatory authorities such as ACCC and Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).


  • Economics and Law, Australian National University
  • LLM, Sydney University
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