Albert A. Foer

Albert A. (“Bert”) Foer is the founder and former president of the American Antitrust Institute. Before founding the AAI in 1998, his career has included private law practice in Washington, DC (Hogan & Hartson, Jackson & Campbell); the Federal Senior Executive Service (as Assistant Director and Acting Deputy Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition); CEO of a mid-sized chain of retail jewelry stores for 12 years; trade association and non-profit leadership; and teaching antitrust to undergraduate and graduate business school students. Foer has published numerous articles, book chapters, and reviews relating to competition policy. He is editor of The Next Antitrust Agenda and co-editor of The International Handbook on Private Enforcement of Competition Law and of Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law in the United States.


University of Chicago Law School; A.B. (magna cum laude) from Brandeis University; M.A. from Washington University.

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