Andreas Mundt

Andreas Mundt studied law in Bonn as well as in Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland. In 1985 and 1990 he passed the state examinations. In 1991, Mundt worked at the Federal Ministry of Economics in Bonn, where he was given civil service status, as a consultant for questions relating to the integration of the new federal states. In 1992 he became Speaker fraction of the FDP - Bundestag faction. Mundt was for social and labor market policy responsible and until 1999 worked as an employee of the FDP deputy Gisela Babel, who at that time headed the responsible working group.

From 2000, Mundt became active in the Federal Cartel Office, whose headquarters had been relocated to Bonn on October 1, 1999. There he held various positions, including becoming head of the "International Competition Issues" department in 2001 and head of the policy department in 2005. At the end of 2009 he was appointed President of the Federal Cartel Office to succeed Bernhard Heitzer.

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