Andreas Stephan

Andreas Stephan is a lecturer in Competition Law. Having previously studied in both the Law School and the School of Economics, he became a lecturer in August 2007. He primarily researches all aspects of cartel enforcement, including: powers of investigation; leniency programmes; the calculation of fines and the danger of bankruptcy; systems of direct settlement; particular challenges faced by developing countries in adopting competition laws; and enforcement against international cartels by multiple jurisdictions. Andreas has a particular interest in criminalisation, having written on the UK cartel offence introduced by the Enterprise Act 2002.

Much of Andreas' work is cross-disciplinary and he has presented papers at both Law and Economics conferences. As well as undertaking empirical research into the European Leniency Programme, he designed a public survey gauging British attitudes to price fixing and cartel enforcement. This survey was carried out by YouGov and was the first study of its kind. He also has research interests in EU Law, Criminal Law, Comparative Law, and Public International Law.

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