Chenying Zhang

ZHANG Chenying is an Associate Professor at Tsinghua University Law School. She joined Tsinghua Law School as a faculty member in 2003. She is the Associate Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor and Director of the Center for Competition Law at Tsinghua Law School. Professor Zhang earned her Ph.D. in Law, LL.M., LL.B. and Bachelor of Economics from Peking University. She visited at Harvard Law School as a Fulbright Scholar from 2011 to 2012.

Her main research focus on Antitrust, Law and Economics, Corporation, and Bankruptcy. She was consulted by NDRC, SAIC and MOFCOM in public enforcement and took charge of drafting the guideline of ‘the illegal gains and the fine’ by competition Commission in China.

Professor Zhang is the vice president and general secretary of China Business Law Society, and the vice president of Beijing Economic Law Society.

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