Divya Mathur

Dr. Mathur has over 10 years of experience as a professional economist in the areas of antitrust and competition, class certification, intellectual property, and general damages. She specializes in applying microeconomics, statistics, and econometrics to complex litigation matters, government and regulatory investigations, and consulting engagements. Dr. Mathur has worked on behalf of the US Department of Justice; the Federal Trade Commission; and firms in the high technology, media, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, financial services, and other industries. She has served as an expert witness, as well as supported experts and lawyers in all phases of litigation.

In antitrust and competition matters, Dr. Mathur has assessed market definition, competitive dynamics, and market power; the impact of alleged anticompetitive behavior; and potential antitrust damages and remedies. She has worked on investigations of mergers and acquisitions and allegations of cartels, price-fixing, monopolization, and other alleged anticompetitive conduct.

Additionally, Dr. Mathur has analyzed economic issues, conducted data analytics, assessed liability, and estimated damages in numerous intellectual property, breach of contract, and other litigation disputes. She has extensive experience in all aspects of damages estimation in complex commercial disputes. This includes developing and implementing damages models, assessing damages under various scenarios, and evaluating damages stemming from lost sales and foregone profits.