James Langenfeld

Dr James Langenfeld is a managing director and principal at Navigant Economics and an adjunct professor at Loyola University School of Law.

He provides economic analyses in the context of litigation, regulation and economic policy that relate to competition and antitrust, intellectual property, class certification, damages and the impact of government actions.

Dr Langenfeld testifies for private parties and government agencies engaged in litigation and regulatory proceedings at the federal and state levels in the US and in Europe, Canada and other countries. In over 25 years as a professional economist, Dr Langenfeld has done extensive work in many industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, insurance, petroleum, motor vehicles, aerospace, tobacco, and a variety of other consumer and industrial products.

Dr Langenfeld’s professional experience includes 10 years with the Federal Trade Commission, the last six of which he served as director for antitrust in the Bureau of Economics. In that role, he managed 45 PhD economists and was one of the main contributors to the 1992 Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission Horizontal Merger Guides and the 1993 Statements of Antitrust Enforcement Policy in Health Care. He also served as a senior economist at General Motors. Dr Langenfeld has published numerous articles in journals and books on many topics in applied economics and econometrics, including analyses of antitrust issues, mergers, intellectual property, the interface of antitrust and intellectual property and damages. He holds a PhD in Economics from Washington University and an AB in Economics and English Literature from Georgetown University.

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